Hopeless Romantic/HeartKiller (Part 2)

So we made it to the final installment of this Valentine’s Day mini-series – the Galentine’s Day Fun Edition! Just like last time I styled two looks with different aesthetics that fit the holiday theme, one sweet and one not so much.

To quote the beloved Parks and Rec character, Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day (February 13th) is all about “ladies celebrating ladies.” Though its popularity has grown in part by the power of the internet, I truly appreciate having a day set aside for me to shower love on my friends and other women who mean the world to me, like my mother.

Given my mother’s work schedule we had to celebrate a couple of days earlier this year and so we got together for some mother-daughters time at a museum during the week. While she still has her heart set on one day making it through all of the galleries at the MET, I thought it would be cool to take her to a museum that wasn’t in her radar – The Morgan Library and Museum located on Madison Ave and 37th street.

Historical sites and museums are the way to my mother’s heart.

We had a great time touring each of the rooms that made up the library once owned by American financier, Pierpont Morgan. The surprise of the day was stumbling upon an exhibition on Holbein.  If you don’t already know, Hans Holbein the Younger was a German Renaissance painter known for his  court portraits. He was the artist of choice for King Henry VIII and most famously painted Anne of Cleves prior to her engagement to the king which ultimately lost him royal commissions from then on due to allegations that he may took some artistic liberties’ with her likeness. It was very cool to get to see a series of his works spanning his entire career in one place.

When visiting places like this I find its fun to dress like a work of art yourself.  Or you could also go the cozy and comfy with some light weight pieces, since lets face it, museum visits feature a lot of walking and standing which can lead to perspiration, now more than ever given that you will need to carry your coat along with you during your visit as most museums have closed their coat check as part of their COVID precautions.

As my mother isn’t a big fan of my alternative outfits, I tend to go for “softer outfits” in pastels or neutrals whenever I plan to see her. So for this Galentine’s Day outing , I went with a damask print Lauren Conrad dress that I know is one of her favorites to see me in. I paired it with some booties, a white coat that I reserve usually for winter outings such as weddings and other such black-tie affairs. I meant to include a beret in the same color as the coat with this look for a subtle nod to vintage winter style, but it has been surprisingly warm in the city these days so I had no choice but to go without.

Coat (similar here) | Dress (similar here) |  Bag (similar here)

Funny enough, this is also the first year I actually have plans  on Galentine’s Day with my friends, so I decided to go through my closet yet again to look for themed outfit options. As our actual activities have yet to be discussed I settled on some more darker vibes simply because they have come to expect it from me at this point. (Don’t mind me, I’m just wearing all the things I would have loved when I was a teenager now as an adult.) This is a dress that I actually got and wore for Valentine’s Day 2020. It has since been made available in various other iterations on Hot Topic’s website in various colors including purple and black featuring a sheer crescent moon or star.   Last time I went  with straightened hair, a simple thin belt, combat boots and a wide brim hat which looked pretty good but for some reason it still kind of felt that it was lacking a bit. So for this second round I decided to swap the belt for a harness.  I was surprised to find some pretty affordable harnesses on the site that are good quality with a great fit. I also have my sights on a few others they have included. The rib cotton fabric is reminiscent of a sweater though it is much lighter. The best part is that has pockets so though I look and feel like a badass I can put my hands in them to steady myself in case of triggering social anxiety. (Am I the only one who doesn’t know what to do with her hands when out in public?)

Dress (similar here and here) | Harness BeltBag

As for this  bag, it’s literally out of the box-brand new to my handbag collection. I’ve been looking for a proper Ita bag for the longest and I feel in love with this cathedral window-inspired one from Moon Brat last spring so I pre-ordered one last summer. It took a lot longer than anticipated to get it, due to reason’s outside the creator’s control, but it was worth it. The quality is great and the size is perfect for carrying  everything I need. I think I could even fit my 13-inch laptop in there if I wanted to.

If this bag style is one that you like too, I recommend that you give Moon Brat and Die with Your Boots On a follow on social as they may feature another drop sometime in the near future. I wasn’t able to find a dress that is similar to this one but I did find a sweater of the same color with a heart icon on the front  available here.

I had so much fun shopping my closet, mixing new and old pieces to create new looks all for the theme of Valentine’s day this year. I can totally see this mini-series making its way back to the blog sometime soon. Let me know what you think. Oh and definitely check out my V-day dinner outfit inspo reel now up on Instagram if you haven’t already if you’re loving the alternative looks I’ve styled in this series.

Got any plans with your friends or family for Galentine’s Day this year? How are you planning on spending the day?

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