Have Yourself a Very YITTY Heauxliday

Just when I thought I was done with presents this year, it turns out I actually had a few more waiting for me by the Christmas tree this year – some cute and cozy with others more edgy, and, dare I say, even sexy. All from Lizzo’s  Fabletic’s brand, YITTY, and I simply had to share with you.

Disclaimer : The pieces styled in this post were gifted for review and feature. This post also includes affiliate links.

Heauxliday Red

First I got what is probably the best cold weather piece ever – this hooded onesie. It is like one giant hoodie and with this color you know I have been wearing this a lot during the holidays especially with these recent dips in temperature. This piece just gave me ski-trip-in- Aspen vibes; though I’ve never been to a ski lodge myself, but I’m using what I’ve seen in Hallmark movies as a point of reference, hahaha.

I did decide to size down in the jumpsuit as I’m vertically challenged and these tend to either be a hit or miss because of it. I figured that sizing down would also make the hem not drag on the floor and my hunch was correct. Sizing down did make the jumpsuit a bit more snug than the oversized fit that it is supposed to have, but I found that it to only make it more cozy for me.

The bralette is probably the most comfortable thing ever as far as over the shoulder boulder holders” go. It provides a bit of support without making you feel constricted which is something I know others with larger busts like me will appreciate.  While it is comfortable I should note that the support doesn’t quite compare to a traditional bar so it is something I can see myself wearing while lounging at home rather than out in the real world, but that could just be me. Either way, I really like having this bralette paired with this jumpsuit as it presents a color contrast that adds interest to the look, though I could also see this being paired with a backless top or jersey dress to give the mesh back a chance to shine as well.

Lastly we have this beanie. The color matches the jumpsuit which is great for those moments when the hood alone won’t cut it when out and about this winter.

For the record, I’m not one that wears many such hats during the winter as my curls are not fans of wool and/or knitted cotton fibers as they lead to massive amounts of frizz, tangles and sometimes even matting. (A moment of silence for people with naturally curly hair, we are not well during the winter.) However, even I am not immune to the cold once the weather gets down to freezing levels so I greatly appreciate having this in my small winter hat collection to keep my head and ears warm while also providing a stylish pop of color.

Mesh-y Heauxliday

I will say one thing. Lizzo and YITTY are definitely making me step out of my comfort zone. I mean…just look at this set!

My best friend, Brooke jumped to get this top when the line first came out and I’ve been interested in the fit and feel ever since she shared her video on Instagram. I was equal parts excited and nervous to put this on as it is so very outside of my usual kind of style.

This mesh set is both sexy and comfortable – a combination that I truly didn’t expect but greatly appreciated.  Both the mesh top and leggings have silicone grippers at the band so you don’t have to worry about either rolling up or down as you wear them. And while being semi-sheer it still manages to smooth everything out as well as provide support where you need it, if you catch my drift.

Also let’s take a moment to talk about this jacket with the blouson sleeves! I initially thought it was a cropped puffer so I sized up just in case I wanted to layer it over a sweater or something, but I could have actually sized down given that it is more of a windbreaker. That small disappointment aside, it at least still has a hood and pockets, which makes this an ideal statement piece once spring rolls in.

Honestly I think this whole set would make a great concert outfit. To be clear, I don’t mean for a metal concert as this shows off a bit too much to make that experience comfortable, but any concerts by pop artists like Lizzo definitely. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here building up the courage to actually wear this set out as is. I’m not there yet, but I do appreciate the challenge. Thanks Lizzo and YITTY!

Clearly I’m already half-way there.

Check out YITTY for yourself today here!

*Style Note: This leggings don’t really provide much coverage that would let you wear these with  briefs, the options seem to be to go commando or wear a thong. Don’t worry, either way you decide to go the inside panel does provide ample coverage on both the front and the back. 

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