Academia Autumn Romance

Be it Dark or Light, the Academia Aesthetic is one with features that stem from others such as goth, prep and even J-style including Lolita from Japan. It is one that I’ve found fascinating for years to the point that I’ve created whole Pinterest boards dedicated to it. And every year around this time those boards just get revisited more often than usual. Part of this is due to the fact that here is just something about autumn that screams academia style to me.  Just like this printed skirt from A.Gato Designs that I purchased over the summer.

The main reason that I look forward to shopping the A.Gato Designs booth whenever I’m at BlerDCon is because the items are designed to fit a wide range of body types and sizes (XS-6XL). Over the last few years I was always too late to get something in my own size but luckily that wasn’t the case this year as I made a point to make this booth my first stop once the show floor opened on the first day of BlerDCon. The print and the color combination was the inspiration I needed for what I consider my first official Light Academia/Lolita outfit.

As you can expect, this skirt has become my favorite piece for the fall an this overall look may end up being what I wear this year for Thanksgiving, which may make me overdressed for the occasion. But I mean with an outfit like this you get a chance to lose yourself in a fantasy through style, and sometimes you need that when you gather with family in one place.

Also let’s talk about the latest addition to my novelty handbag collection – this Victorian Clock Bag. I actually happened upon this bag during a trip to upstate New York to meet a friend and her family for brunch. I, along with my family, got to the restaurant too early so we decided to do some window shopping at the mall nearby. Within minutes of stepping into the first store my eyes locked on to three clock bags that hung on the wall at the far end. I should note that my family tried to dissuade me from buying it for being “gaudy,” but even still I made my purchase and swapped the bag I had brought with me for this one instead. Needless to say it was a hit at the brunch.

Basically channeling Vecna’s grandfather clock here, haha.

I find this bag to be the perfect balance of Gothic Lolita, Dark Academia and Steampunk which is why I found it difficult to leave it in the store. Honestly where else would I ever see this bag?  I should note that the clock is totally functional, I just needed to pop in a AA battery and now I have a bag that holds my stuff as well as tells me the time. Not a bad thing to have should I ever be without my cellphone. So if you’re looking for a novelty/statement handbag I hope you consider this one. It also comes in a few other colors if this brown gold combo is not your cup of tea. I already have my sights on the black one, because of course I need it, haha.

I can’t wait to come up with other outfits for me to style with this bag.

~Get the look~

High neck top with shirred neck in cream (Size 14) | ASOS Curve (similar here and here)
Burgundy Floral Skirt (Size 2) | A.Gato Designs
Gold/Brown DS Clock Bag  | Shoe Dept. Encore

Are you a fan of the dark/light academia aesthetic?  What are your thoughts on novelty bags over more traditional handbags.

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