Halloweentown 2022

Happy 13th day of Halloween!

The minute we finally made it to the best month on the calendar that is October, I made up my mind that this would be the year that I finally head up the Hudson River for some spook season fun. I did some research and came up with a pretty ambitious itinerary for a day spent in Sleepy Hollow, NY with my friends; though only one was able to make it in the end.

Still it was a day well spent that even left my friend, and trusty photographer, Diana wanting a bit more. We can’t report that we even caught a glimpse of the Horseman but at least we got to see the replica of the bridge during our walk through the historic cemetery.

Get you friends that supports your unique blend of quirky, spookiness.

It should come as no surprise that when it came to selecting an outfit for this occasion I simply knew that it had to be my latest purchase from one of my favorite brands. Foxblood has become my go-to shop for all things alternative/goth since I first was introduced to them about 4 years ago. They never seem to fail when it comes to new styles every Halloween (which are also available in plus sizes!) and this year was no exception.

This Halloweentown dress was one that I knew I needed in my closet the minute the previews were shared on Instagram back in August. I mean, how could I not? It has a subtle preppy aesthetic with the pointed collar and ribbon tie while also being the perfect Halloween-orange shade, plaid and has pockets!

Admittedly the dress is on the higher end of their price range, but if you’re anything like me and have a year-round love for all things Halloween, this is definitely worth the splurge. (Thankfully Afterpay is also an option, otherwise I would still be coveting this dress.) The print is also available as a skirt and unisex long sleeve button down which could be styled as a matching set.

One thing is for sure, while it may be simple this dress is definitely an attention-grabbing statement piece. It got to the point that Diana made the joke that we should have kept a tally throughout the day of how many compliments I got while we were out and about. I think it was about 5 compliments but I did get more from both my co-workers and random strangers when I wore this dress to work, albeit styled a bit differently with my Ecosusi laptop bag and T-strap Mary Jane loafers.

I’m hoping to at least manage to squeeze in 2 or more Halloween-related activities this month, including a trip to the Great Jack-o-Lantern Blaze which funny enough has one location that is just a few minutes away from Sleepy Hollow – this may call for another visit very soon.

~Get the look~

Halloweentown Dress (2XL) | Foxblood
Multi-Strap Pointed Mary Jane Creeper | T.U.K. Footwear
Planchette Handbag  | Marshalls

Got any cool spooky season plans of your own this year?

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