Sea Witch Summer

Considering how hot it has been in New York these last couple of weeks, I wonder why people find it weird whenever I mention that I find summer to be miserable.  Even so I’ve taken it as a personal challenge over the last 4 years to embrace the season as much as I can. Well, at least beyond the one thing I do enjoy which is time at the beach or pool.

For me this has translated to building out a warm weather wardrobe with pieces that are comfortable to wear that also fit into my personal style as much as possible. Seldom do those  ever meet  and if they do it is rarely in my size or my budget, so you already know that this has been a process. Thankfully I am now in a position financially that allows me to (sometimes) shop outside the usual plus size retailers, in favor of other small businesses like Cosmic Drifters.

Cosmic Drifters is a UK-based brand that I have been low-key stalking on Instagram for a while now. They are one of the few witchy-aesthetic brands that I’ve found to be fairly inclusive across all of their products.  I don’t believe that I ever mentioned this here but I did decide to treat myself a bit this year for my birthday, with this skirt being one of the bigger purchases. I ordered it back in May and I spared no time in styling it as soon as I received it this month.

Given the aforementioned heat, I kept accessories to the basics with these embellished sandals, my new Steve Madden basketweave crossbody bag and sunglasses.  Normally I would have added my wide brim hat (regardless of it being made of wool) with some layered necklaces and rings to really lean into the witchy aesthetic but I figured that the print spoke volumes on its own so I was ok going without “all the extras” for once.

Honestly it turned out to be the best outfit for my afternoon shopping trip to both HomeGoods and Michael’s for this year’s Halloween décor. Tis the season of the witch after all, so I’ll embrace the sea witch until the fall returns.

Now that I have my first piece from Cosmic Drifters, I’m already thinking about my next one. I’m hoping to save up to get a matching crop top so I can wear this out as a coordinated set sometime very soon. I’ve also had my eye on their Samantha Pinafore Dress for the longest but I may get the Ariel Peasant Dress in the Celestial Dreams print first just so I can have some Stevie Nicks vibes in my closet, which is something every woman needs in my humble opinion.

~Get the look~

Plus Crop Tank Top (2XL) | SHEIN (old, similar here)
Bellatrix Handkerchief Skirt – Sea Witch Print (UK Size 22)* | Cosmic Drifters
Embellished Sandals  | Avenue (old)

Are there any brands that you’re following on social media that you’re hoping to try soon?

*Style Note: This brand goes up to a UK Size 30 in most pieces which is about a size 24/26 in the US. Be sure to check out their size chart before ordering as the fabric does not have any stretch to it.

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