Bold Colors & Prints

Just a quick glance through many of my outfit posts one immediately notices that I have a strong and committed relationship with the color black – particularly NYC-black.  Part of this is just a left over from my high school goth days, but the truth is that bright hues make me nervous. It draws immediate attention and for a recovering wallflower that can be pretty unnerving. However,  even with those feelings I think fashion calls for challenging yourself, like I did with this bold African print mini skirt.*I got this skirt at the Curvy Expo during Full Figured Fashion Week this past June from the Obioma fashion booth and I was so excited about this new statement piece that I wore it a little more than two weeks after. I remember the face of my best friend when I descended the stairs to meet her and her hubby at her car to head over to Brooklyn for Curl Fest. They both were stunned to not only see me  forgo black but to go for something so bright.  I’m still not used to getting compliments but I think I can get used to being greeted with, “You look gorgeous.”

I paired the skirt with this mustard quarter-sleeve top that I’ve had in my closet for a while now. I had originally bought it two years ago for another skirt that I ended up giving to my mother since I couldn’t find a way to style it that I actually liked. It matched the small  bright yellow details and really made the whole look truly pop. I added more brown details with my double-buckle belt and t-strap oxford wedges. The color combination of yellow, red and brown may lean a bit prematurely to fall (a season that I’m really looking forward to), yet the intensity of the bright hues make this for a very dressy and playful summer look.

~Get the look~

Charter Club Pima Cotton Boat-neck top (1X)  | Macy’s (old, similar here)
Red mini skirt (XXXL)** | Obioma Fashion (similar here)
Double-buckle Belt | Lovesick (similar here and here)
Restricted T- strap Oxford Wedges| DSW (similar here and here)

Are there any colors or styles you stay away from? Have you considered giving them a try?

*Style notes: Due to my petite height  this mini skirt fits me more like a skater skirt.

**I got the skirt in this size as it was the only one available in this print. It is actually a bit too big to the point that it does twist around but the belt manages to hold it in place.

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