Reflecting on 27

2017 was a very interesting year. It marked the year that I turned 27 – the same age my mother was when she made the decision to drop out of college in Puerto Rico to build a life here in NYC. This is also the age she took steps towards creating a family as she also met and later married my father. All of the above are major life events that I can’t even come close to relating to being single and still living in the same city I was born and raised in.

I don’t know if I’m the only one that does this but I think its only natural to look at the path my mother took in order to gain some sense as to where I should “be” at my age. Which is why reaching 27  meant that I should have parts of my life “together” as an adult and yet I found myself feeling like I hadn’t made any real moves.To be clear, I have made a point to try to get over such negative thoughts attached to my birthday in the past, however, with 30 now just two years in the horizon, those anxieties have made a shift return. Thankfully, my mother doesn’t make a big deal about my being single and such, even though she is well aware that I often compare myself to her. I think having that extra level of  concern would greatly affect my self esteem. Yet that also got me thinking as to why I have always forced myself to consider the need to have a set number of milestones met by a specific age only to realize that this had more to do with antiquated gender-specific societal norms that had nothing to do with me, which is honestly pretty ridiculous.

When Tiffany’s posts your birthday date on their marketing you must take pictures, lol!

That’s why this is the birthday year that I scrap all of that. I’m trying things that scare/intimidate me, like wearing eye-catching bold colors and different silhouettes, but more importantly, actually celebrating myself on my birthday and not just viewing it as a deadline.

So this is 28, and I’m going to make it an adventure.

~Get the look~

Meri Skye Coral Selma Short Sleeve Smocked Ruffle Dress  | Dia&Co (similar here)
Taupe Trinity Ruched Buckle Bootie | Avenue (similar here)
SONOMA Goods For Life Braided Riveted Belt (2X)  | Kohl’s
Candela Cremosa Matte Lipstick | Vive Cosmetics

Style note: I actually received this dress in a 4X by accident but it was sold out in a 1X  so I couldn’t exchange it. I loved the color and material so much I kept it. My plan is to get it tailored to fit better than when I wore it with a belt. Size is totally just a number on a tag but you would be surprised to see what  you can do so much with what is available to you. 

Have you ever viewed your birthday to be more of a deadline rather than a day to celebrate?

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