Sacred Heart Moto

One of the most popular kinds of tops in plus size fashion has got to be dolman sleeve top. I’m not exactly sure when or how that trend got started,  but it is so common that I stay away from it as it tends to be a boxy cut and usually made of a chiffon fabric.

That is until this one caught my eye while I was scrolling through the Torrid site. Admittedly the print is one that  you have to try on to really see the appeal and that is just what I had to do for me to fall in love with it. You may be wondering, what is it about this sacred heart print that got me interested to begin with. Well, for those of you that may be new to my blog, I’m actually an Art and Design historian who specializes in 17th and 18th century Baroque Art. Moreover, the sacred heart is a traditional Catholic symbol created in sometime during the Middle Ages/Gothic period but was prominently used during the Baroque period to encourage devotion and mediation upon the graces of Christ among the illiterate members of  their congregations.

Typically this symbol is depicted in art as a heart with flames pouring from the top, like a symbol of intense burning love.  It is a Baroque theological referent that was part of the blending the form of light and performance that defines the artistic style of that time used in order to inspire people to accept the Catholic faith, and by extension, Western culture during their conquests.  As you can tell I literally can go on about this for hours, hahaha. I mean I even have a PowerPoint presentation in my external hard-drive on the use of such symbols and the role they played in the Spanish conquest of Latin America.Anyway, I love the fact that the print allows me to bring in my passion for the Baroque period and my casual goth style together, which is why I styled it with my faux leather sleeve jacket, moto jeans and boots along with a crescent moon pendant necklace I got at New York Comic Con last year. Other than the print, what I really like is that top still has that traditional a relaxed fit with the oversized sleeves without being boxy. Plus its actually made of a challis fabric instead of chiffon so it is very versatile for this transitional weather from spring to summer. I’m really happy I gave this top a try and I’m looking forward to incorporating this top in more of my casual looks this season.

~Get the look~

 Black Sacred Hearts Challis Dolman Blouse (Size 1) | Torrid
RWN by Rawan Bennett Moto Detail Skinny Jean (size 14)* | Dia&Co (similar here and here)
Nikko Faux Leather Wide Width Combat Boots | Target (similar here and here)
Sterling Silver Celtic Crescent Moon Pendant Charm Necklace | Skull Couture (similar here)

Have you ever just tried something on that you were on the fence about and found that you loved it? What was it?

* Style Note: I tend to be a size 14 in mid-rise jeans no matter what the brand but when it comes to RWN by Rawan I noticed that there is just so much stretch to them that they become super loose as the day goes on so If you ever wish to try their denim I highly recommend sizing down for a better fit.

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