About Moths and Roses (Let’s Talk About Age and Style)

I’m 29, turning 30 in May. Honestly, I’ve only just gotten used to being “so young with so much responsibility” and the idea that I am getting to the age in which most people have themselves more established is horrifying considering the fact that I’m still so far away from where I expected to be at this point. Added to that, I can’t help but notice that my style doesn’t exactly read as “responsible adult” or “age appropriate” at all times.  I mean, what is a 30 year old even supposed to look like?

The more I ask myself how turning 30 will affect my personal style, I start wondering  if it should affect my personal style at all? For most of my life I’ve made my fashion decisions solely on what I managed to find that fit my body, that I could afford (which wasn’t much) and met the expectations of those around me; specifically my super religious and conservative family. Rarely did my outfits ever reflect who I was and so I’ve made up for the lost time by experimenting with my style often. My rule is if I like it, I’ll try it; however, the one thing I won’t do is compromise my morals or disrespect myself for a trend. (This is actually the reason why I don’t wear manufactured distressed jeans or tribal print, among other things.)

Yet there are moments that I second guess my style choices because of how they will be perceived by others given my age and I know that is only going to increase as time goes on. And thankfully I have the words of my friend Karolina to get me through those feels. She always says that everyone would enjoy life so much more if we would just stop caring about what other people think and I absolutely agree with her. Fashion is all about having fun and that’s what I’m going to continue to do no matter how old I get.

~Get the look~

Roses & Butterflies Velvet Slip Dress (Size 1) | HOTTOPIC*
BlacK Sheer Mock Neck Bodysuit (Size 2X) | Forever 21+ (similar here)
Zoe Combat Boot | Lane Bryant (similar here)

*Style note: This slip dress does run big so I highly recommend sizing down. I originally got this in a Size 2 and I exchanged it for the size 1 but I honestly could have fit into the Size 0 just fine.

Do you think age plays a major role in your personal style? Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to wear but stopped yourself because you thought it wasn’t “age appropriate”?

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