Sweet Like Deadly Nightshade

Fun fact: When I was growing up, my father had major aspirations of my brother and I becoming child models. Every so often he would put up a white bedsheet on one of the walls in the living room, get some props and outfits together and we’d have our own photoshoot sessions right at home. I still have the albums full of the photos including the professional ones that he had done to send to modeling agencies. Neither my brother or I ever got a modeling contract as kids (Not for lack of trying, I mean we were adorable but I guess that wasn’t enough, hahaha) but at the very least we have the memories.

At the start of quarantine last year, my brother was actually the first one to point out that I could not use the pandemic as an excuse for not continuing to take photos and create content. According to him, I’ve been “trained for in-house photoshoots” and now I even have more space to work with than we did growing up. I initially disagreed because working in one space can be pretty limiting, but in time I took up the challenge, working around issues with lightening (my apartment is intentionally dark in certain spaces) and even did some much needed furniture/decor shopping which I had put off for the last 2 years.

I’ve done quite a bit of shooting at home as a result, some of which I haven’t shared yet, but I wanted to try my hand at something “different” for this new year. So armed with my trusty tripod, selfie light, new make up, new bedding and a lux velvet set I bought as a Christmas gift to myself, I figured it was time to try something way, way outside of my comfort zone – my own boudoir shoot.

Why boudoir? Well, I’ve struggled with the concept of “sexy.” This is mostly due to the fact that for the longest time I truly believed that someone like me, short, with a double chin, and stretch marks on my upper arms and hips, can’t be sexy. I’ve even had friends and boyfriends tell me that at best I can achieve “cute” status so if I even attempted “sexy” it would seem quite forced.

“Sexy” was reserved for a specific type of woman, being confident in revealing clothing,  well-versed in make up,  tall, and have an hourglass body type (regardless of size).  Definitely not me. Yet once I started to reject those widely accepted beauty standards, and embrace my body for what it is, I started to wonder what my version of “sexy” was. And once I tried on this velvet set for the first time over the holidays, I knew it was time to find out.  I’ll be the first to say that the end product of this project isn’t exactly perfect, I mean I am just one person working every part of this shoot on my own, but this was a major (unexpected) self esteem boost that also happened to be a lot of fun. I loved taking the opportunity to celebrate myself  and I hope it encourages you to consider trying the same for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Also can we talk about this super lux set very quick? As its name implies, this FOXBLOOD Signature Collection Jovie Velvet Lounge set was designed with the holidays in mind but I think it’s a great elevation of winter loungewear in general given the textile choice.  The velvet fabric is incredibly soft and has a great amount of stretch and the the satin ribbon details, both on the top of the ruching and matching drawstring, give it a delicate touch.  I really like that top has elastic, so you have the option to  wear it on or off the shoulders, and it has enough length that you can pull it down if you don’t want it to show too much skin. Also the bloomers are just so cute with ruffles at the end that match the sleeves.

The kind of accidental shots you get when you adjust the camera while practicing your facial expression for the next shot, hahaha.

Admittedly the set is a lot more than I would usually spend on myself but thankfully Afterpay is an option on the FOXBLOOD site,  otherwise I would be pining over not being able to own this. Though honestly after the chaos we all suffered through with 2020, I think it would do us all some good to treat ourselves as we enter a new year. That being said, if pastels are more your kind of thing, great news! This same set is also available in pink velvet with lilac ribbon accents via the My Violet shop. I love this set so much may even snag that pink one too, but we’ll see.

~Get the look~

Jovie Velvet Lounge Set (2XL) | Foxblood *
KOPPARRANKA Floral Bed Sheets | IKEA
August Grove® Hammad Comforter Set | Wayfair

*Style Note: The top has more stretch than the bottoms do. Also I am wearing a strapless bra under the cropped top. I have yet to try wearing this set without it.

What are some of your favorite ways of celebrating you and your body? Would you ever consider doing a boudoir shoot (professional or otherwise)?

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